Семинары и курсы в Санкт-Петербурге и Москве
Лицензия на образовательную деятельность № 1925

Mcveigh John

Специализация: Обучение на английском языке, Межкультурная комуникация

Работает только в корпоративном формате.

John McVeigh conducts training courses and seminars at ITC Group. John McVeigh is an International Learning & Development Manager at DLA Piper and is based in the Saint Petersburg office in Russia. John is responsible for training and content development, trainer-training, material quality control, launching new courses, learning-needs audits, knowledge management, and all related L&D issues. He joined DLA Piper in May 2008 as a Knowledge Manager, worked as HR Manager for the Saint Petersburg office from 2009-2012 and, since 2013 has held his current position.

In addition to his work in Russia, John also works extensively within DLA Piper internationally. He provides training sessions to various offices of DLA Piper in Europe on a monthly basis. Training is in three main areas: Business Skills, Legal/Business Writing, and Business Development, either as a trainer, or in training local trainers to supply such courses and develop content themselves. John has trained at over two dozen jurisdictions of DLA Piper across Europe, Africa and Asia and has a correspondingly large internal network of contacts within the firm. Training attendees include fee earners and support staff. A good proportion of his work is with the most senior fee earners: the Partners. Partner training tends to be in Business Development (cross selling, getting referrals, new client hunting, consultative selling), sales coaching, and advanced soft skills (public speaking, dealing with the media, presentations, leadership skills, assertiveness training, negotiation skills etc). Other popular training includes Team Building, Negotiations training, Presentations etc.

John holds a Diploma in Teaching (Edinburgh Tutorial College), an MBA in Sales and Marketing (Moscow University, AIBEc) and a Master of Laws in Russian and US law (Moscow, Pericles). In having a law degree himself, and having assisted in Russian legal matters, he manages to find a common language with the lawyers.

Professional Experience

John has over 15 years professional HR experience - not only in Learning and Development.  During his career he has worked across a full range of HR disciplines. He has provided training and consulting services to dozens of the largest foreign and Russian companies in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg, including YUKOS for two years, in addition to the Government of Saint Petersburg.

Prior to DLA Piper John worked as a Consultant, and later as the General Manager of the Saint Petersburg start-up office managing a team of twelve, in the French HR Consulting company Alexander Hughes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg (2004-2008) dealing with executive search, salary surveys, employee audits, HR consulting and other related areas.

Earlier still, he worked in Moscow as the Academic Director for Language Link (2002-2004), the largest foreign training company in Russia, managing a team of over 100 trainers across 20 locations in Russia serving corporate clients with language training and business training needs.

John speaks fluent English and Russian as well as advanced Japanese and elementary Chinese.


Law firms: DLA Piper, Baker & McKenzie, Salans. Duvernoix, Capital Legal Services, Castren and Snellman, Mannheimer Swartling, Beiten Burkhardt and EPAM.

Consulting: Adecco, Colliers International, Deloitte, PWC, SPN Ogilvy and KPMG

FMCG: BAT, Danone, JTI and Coca Cola

Other: Fiskars, SPB Government, Caterpillar, and Citi Bank.

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19-20 октября 18 года Business English. Курс делового английского языка 19 900 руб. Подробнее

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